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30.8. Booking Interface

Arctic gives you to option to choose how your trips are shown on your online booking pages. (Note: this option is only available for trips, it is not available for rentals.) You can choose either automatic selection, a trip list or a trip calendar. Arctic is set, by default, to automatically select the best interface which means that Arctic will use the number of trips and the trip duration to determine the ideal format to use. "Automatically Select" should work fine for most outfitters. 

Note: If you have an installation that pre-dates January 2015, then your booking interface will be set by default to the trip list since this was previously the only option available. 

If you select trip list, Arctic will display your trips in a list as shown here:

Your guests will also be given filters to enter their dates, time of day, the number of guests and potentially, the trip type to help refine their seach.

If you choose trip calendar, Arctic will diplay your trips in a calendar format as shown here:

Currently, guests are only given an option to filter the results by number of guests and the trip type when the calendar interface is chosen.

To modify your booking interface, go to the "Settings" page under "Online Reservations" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Settings". On the "Configure" page click the "Booking Interface" drop down menu and select either Automatically Select, Trip List or Trip Calendar. 

You can also set the booking interface per landing page. This will allow you to change the preferred interface for specific landing pages if an alternate choice would work better. To do this go to the "Settings" page under "Online Reservations" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Manage Landing Pages". On the "Browse Landing Pages" section, click the "Edit" icon next to the landing page you wish to edit, and choose your preferred booking interface for that page. 

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