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24.1. Creating Accounts

Arctic gives you the ability to create accounts that match your accounting setup so that your Arctic reports can be easily entered into your bookkeeping software. Once you have created the account tree you wish to use, you can then assign your various income items such as trip types, trip add ons, rental items, retail items, invoice items, etc., to their appropriate accounts so the income from each of activity is reported to the appropriate account. 

To create a new account in Arctic, go to the "Settings" page under "Invoicing" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Manage Accounts". 

This will take you to the "Browse Accounts" page. Next click the green "+ Create Account" button. 

On the "Create A New Account" page, if the account should be a sub-account of an existing account enter the name of the parent account in the "Contained In" field by starting to type the name of the parent account and then selecting the appropriate account from the options displayed as shown here:

If the account you are creating is a parent/top level account, you will leave the "Contained In" field blank. Next enter a name for the new account then click "Submit" to save it. 

Note: There are three types of accounts that Arctic will build for you. These are Booking Agent Commission Accounts, Gift Certificate Accounts, and the Cancellation Fees account. These accounts are created specifically by Arctic so you do not need to create accounts for these items. 

Once the account has been created Arctic will display the "View Account" page for the newly created account.

As money gets allotted to the new account from the various items that you assign to it, you will be able to access the "View Account" page to see what the current balance of the account is according to Arctic. Notice, the "Actions" menu at the right of the page. Here you can edit the name of the account and the account it is contained it by clicking the "Edit" button. You also have the options to adjust the balance, merge or delete the account. We will discuss all three of these options later in this chapter. Finally you can return to the "Browse Accounts" page by clicking the "Return" button. 

In the next section, we will discuss how to assign accounts to your various income items.  

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