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24.2. Assigning Accounts

For every income related item you create (e.g., trips, rental items, etc) in Arctic, you will see an "Account" field where you can assign a specific account. You can find the "Account" field on either the "Create" pages for new income items or on the "Update" pages for existing income items you already have in the system. By default, the "Account" fields in Arctic are set to "Automatically Select" which means that Arctic will automatically create a new account for every new trip type, fee, add-on, rental item, etc. that you create in the system. 

Note: Income item include trip types, trip add-ons, fee, taxes, invoice items, rental items, retail items, shipping costs, etc. 

To assign an existing account or an account that you created to an item in Arctic, go to the relevant "Account" field and start typing the name of the account you wish to use and then select the appropriate account from the options available as shown here:

Note: If you are creating or updating a new trip type or rental item and are assigning accounts to them, be aware that there will be an account field not only for the trip type or rental item itself but one for every associated fee, tax, or trip add on as well. Be sure you have assigned the appropriate accounts to each one so that you are sure all of the income associated with this items is being reported to the appropriate account. 

Remember that Arctic creates accounts for gift certificates, booking agents and cancellation fees and will also assign them to the appropriate items. You can not alter the account assignments for these items. They are fixed in the system.

In the next section, we will discuss how to merge accounts. 

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