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24.3. Merging Accounts

Arctic gives you the ability to merge multiple accounts. This feature comes in handy if you decide to alter your existing account structure after you have already been using Arctic for a while. Merging accounts will allow you to combine an old account or accounts into a new account. This will not only clean up your existing account structure but will automatically update all of the income items and invoice line items that were assigned to the old accounts keeping you from having to manually update these items.

To merge accounts go to the "Settings" page under "Invoicing" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Manage Accounts". On the "Browse Accounts" page choose the old account you wish to merge with the new account that you created by clicking the "Spy Glass" next to the account name as shown here:

This will take you to the "View Account" page. Next click "Merge Into" button. 

On the "Merge Account" page enter the account you want to merge the old account into by starting to type the name of the account and then choosing the appropriate account from the options available as shown here:

Warning: Be sure you have chosen the correct old account and the correct new account you want to merge into as once the accounts are merged it cannot be undone. Once you have double checked the accounts and are sure you have the right ones, click "Submit" to complete the merge. Again, once the merge is complete, all of the income items, invoice entries, trips, trip add-ons, rental items, etc assigned to the old account will be updated to be associated with the new account. There will no longer be references to the old account in any reports (including previously run reports, such as end of day balance reports).

In the next section, we will discuss adjusting account balances. 

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