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24.5. Deleting Accounts

You can delete unwanted accounts from Arctic. Deleting accounts will not remove the account from any invoice items assigned to it or alter any invoices with charges for the effected income items. Deleting an account just makes it inactive in the system, you will not be able to select if for new invoice items nor will you see it on the "Browse Accounts" page. However, should you run a report that has income that was assigned to the deleted account, Arctic will still show that account and any allocated income.

Note: Accounts should not be deleted if they are still in use by existing income items (such as trips, trip add-ons and rental items). Instead merging the old account with the new preferred account is the correct way to make this kind of change. Accounts should only be deleted when the income items associated with them are no longer in use or in the event they were made erroneously. 

There are two ways to delete an account. The first method for deleting accounts is to go to the "Settings" page under "Invoicing" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Manage Accounts". On the "Browse Accounts" page, find the account you wish to delete and then click the little red "X" next to its name. This option is a great way to delete accounts that were created mistakenly.  

The second option is to to the "Settings" page under "Invoicing" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Manage Accounts". On the "Browse Accounts" page, click the "Spyglass" next to the name of the account you wish to delete. This will take you to the "View Account" page. Next, click "Delete Account". This option is the preferred method for deleting accounts that have had income assigned to them. It will give you a chance to investigate how much income is in the account and what income items are assigned to it. All of which will help you determine whether deleting the account or merging the account into another would be the best way to go. 

For both options, once you click either the little red "x" or the "Delete Account" button, Arctic will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the account. If you are sure you wish to remove the account click "Ok" to confirm the deletion.

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