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28.9. Guest Portals for Booking Agents

In addition to being able to create reservations for guests online, agents can also manage their bookings as well. Through their guest portal, the agent can see a complete list of all of their active bookings and have access to several options for managing each booking. 

An agent can access their bookings by logging into their guest portal and clicking the "My Activities" option in the menu as shown here:

On their "My Reservations" page, the agent will see a complete list of their bookings. Their guest portal will also enable the agent to see which guests have completed their forms, invite their guests to register for their trips, pay invoices and view trip information and documents.

On the "My Reservations" page, the agent will see the following buttons next to each of the bookings:

Notice: As indicated in the image above, the agents will also be able to see the activity number and the guest name for whom the booking is for as well as when the booking was made for each activity. 

If the agent wants to complete the registration forms for their guests, they can click the "Start Registration" button to complete the registration forms for each guest on the booking. Alternatively, they can invite the guest to complete the registration forms directly by via the "Invite Guest to Register" button. This saves the agent time and ensures the accuracy of the information collected on both the registration forms and waivers.  

The "Outstanding Forms" button gives the agent, at quick glance, an idea of how many waivers are still outstanding for their guest's reservation. If the agent clicks the "Outstanding Forms" button, they will again be taken to a summary page listing guests and their waiver status. From here, the agent can either download waivers that the guests can physically sign or can send invites to the guest so that they can electronically sign the waiver.

The "Invite Guests to Register" button can be used by both types of agents, i.e. agents who pay and agents who have their guests pay direct. If the agent has their guest pay directly, their guests were most likely provided with a link to their own guest facing account in their confirmation email which gave the guest access to complete their registration forms and waivers. However, the agent, in this case, can use the "Invite Guests to Register" button to send reminders to their guests if they notice their guests have not completed the necessary forms for their trip.

The "Pay Balance" button is only seen by agents who are set as the who pays. Agents for whom the customer is the who pays, will not see this button. If the agent is the who pays, using the "Pay Balance" button, they will be able to access their invoices and make payments online. 

The "View Info & Documents" button, gives agents access to all of the trip attachments that you have made available online that are relevant to the booking in question. This ensures that both the agent and the guest have access to the same trip relevant information, in the case of the agents for whom the customer is the who pays. It also allows those agents who are set as the who pays, to be able to print/download the information and provide it to their guests. 

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