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25.6. Creating Online Gift Certificates

Arctic offers the ability to sell gift certificates online to your guests. To sell gift certificates online, go to the "Online Gift Certificates" section of the settings page and click the "Pencil" next to "Manage Online Gift Certificates".

On the "Browse Online Gift Certificates" screen click the green "+Create Online Gift Certificate" button.

This will open the "Create Online Gift Certificate" page. 

The first field on the "Create Gift Certificate" page is the Business Group field. The Business Group field can be set to any business group with a guest-facing site associated with it or any of that business group's sub-business groups. The business group will be able to be used for reporting and to ensure that the gift certificate being offered for purchase will appear on the correct guest-facing site if you have multiple guest-facing sites.

Note: The business group specification does not limit what the gift certificate can be redeemed for. Gift certificates are always able to be redeemed for any activity in any business group within your installation. 

Next you can give the gift certificate a name, i.e. $100 Gift Certificate by entering it in the Gift Certificate Name field.

In the Description field you can add a description for your gift certificate. This description will appear on the guest-facing site to provide your guests with a bit more information. This would be a good place to add in any information about how long the gift certificates are good for if you apply expiration dates to your gift certificates. 

The Amount field is where you will enter the amount of the gift certificate being offered, i.e. $100.00. 

In the Expiration field you can enter the number of days after the purchase that the purchased gift certificate should expire. If you do not use expiration dates for your gift certificates, you can leave this field blank. 

Finally in the Image field, you can upload an image for your gift certificate offerings if you like. This image is used to add visual interest to the online gift certificates page. Images are not required. 

Once you have completed the form, click "Submit" to save your changes. 

You can create as many different gift certificates that you like. There is no limit to the number of gift certificates you can offer online. 

After you have created your gift certificates, they will be immediately available online for guests to purchase. We will discuss how guests purchase gift certificates online later in this chapter. 

You will also likely want to add some placeholders for the gift certificates to your Order Confirmation email template so that Arctic will include the guest's gift certificate information when sending the order confirmation email.

We suggest something like this that will only show if online gift certificates have been purchased, and covers multiple gift certificates:

{if $gift_certificates}
Here is your gift certificate information:
{foreach $gift_certificates as $gift_certificate}
Gift Certificate:{$gift_certificate->number} {$gift_certificate->amount|format:'Currency'} {$gift_certificate->expireson|format:'Date'}

The placeholders can also be found in the Order Confirmation email template's placeholder menu.

In the next section we will discuss, delivery methods for online gift certificates. 

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