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3.1. User Notification Settings

The notifications feature allows you to receive email notifications from Arctic anytime an online guest books a reservation or rental, submits an inquiry, payment, or e-commerce order, or when an activity hold expires.

Note: The notifications feature is disabled by default, if you would like it enabled, contact support and we will be happy to enable it for you.

Once the feature is enabled notifications will not automatically start being sent out to Arctic users, they would have to be manually edited per user for each different option. For each option, notification preferences are setup by business group with System-Wide being the highest. For example, this means you can select to receive notifications for all online reservations or you can select to receive them from only a specific business group.

Notifications are setup on a per user basis and each user can adjust their own notification settings by clicking their name in the top left corner and choosing “Notifications”.

Alternatively, a user with administrator access can adjust another user’s notification settings via the user’s Person record in the Notifications tab. 

The "Send Only After Hours" preference is set to always send notifications by default, but can be edited to only send them outside business hours and Arctic will only send the notifications based on the business hours set on the Settings page. You can adjust the business hours on your installation from the "Settings" page, under "General Settings", then click the "Pencil" icon next to "Business Hours".

When setting up notifications users do not have to set them up for all of the options available, only the ones that are applicable or important to them i.e. a user who is only assigned to work with e-commerce orders would be able to just adjust the New E-Commerce Order preference to only receive the e-commerce notifications or a user who handles billing may only want to adjust the New Online Payment preference.

When you receive an email notification, depending on what it is for, you will be able to click on the guest's name to access their Person record, the activity/order/invoice number to access the activity/order/invoice pages, and the specified trip (if applicable) to access the View Trip page. Below is an example of what a new online reservation notification will look like.

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