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22.1. Taking Payments

To take a payment for an invoice, click the green + Add button as shown here:

From the menu, you can choose one of the following options (the options may vary depending on the payment methods you support): 

  • Payment
  • Schedule Payment
  • Hold
  • Unlinked Refund

To take a payment and apply it immediately to the invoice, choose Payment.

This will display the following screen:

Notice that you can choose from:

  • Next Payment Due
  • Full Payment
  • Custom Amount

These options are goverened by the Payment Plan associated with the invoice or with the trip that the guest reserved.

After you choose the Payment Amount, you can choose the Payment Method.

The options under Payment Method will depend on your edition and your configuration, but may include the following choices:

  • Manual Transaction - Manual Transactions are any payments that you will process outside of Arctic Reservations either through a stand alone credit card terminal, a check, cash, or money orders. If you are applying any of these payment types to the invoice, you will choose "Manual Transaction". Then you will be able to select the Payment Type from the list of options you set up for your payment methods. (To add or modify the Payment Types shown in this list go to the Settings page under Invoicing and click the Pencil icon next to Payment Methods.)

  • Credit Card - The Credit Card option is what you will choose to process a credit card payment through Arctic Reservations using your Payment Gateway.

  • Gift Certificate (only available with the POS module) - The Gift Certificate feature is only available to those installations with the POS module enabled. When you choose this option you will enter the Gift Certificate Number being applied to the invoice.

Once you have chosen your Payment Method, you will enter the details for the transaction. If you choose a Manual Transaction, after you select the Payment Type, you can enter a memo or notes related to the payment as shown here:

If you are taking a Credit Card through Arctic Reservations, you will enter the Credit Card information as shown here:

Notice there is a check box to allow you to save the card details for later reuse. It is a good idea to save the credit card details as this information will then be accessible for future use if the guest asks to add something to their reservation etc.

Note: Arctic has the ability to allow for "swiped" credit card transactions, if you have a magnetic card reader that supports keyboard mode (meaning the reader sends magnetic data as though it were a keyboard) attached to your computer. To "swipe" a credit card, click the "Swipe" button as shown here:

Then "swipe" the credit card through your magnetic card reader, and the credit card information will be automatically filled into the form.

Once you have entered the payment method, whether you chose "Manual Transaction" or "Credit Card," scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Submit" to process the payment and apply it to the invoice. When you click "Submit," Arctic will return you to the View Invoice page and you will see the payment that you applied to the invoice in the Transactions section of the invoice as shown here:

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