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21.2. Scheduled Payments

Scheduled Payments are another payment option that is available to you in Arctic Reservations. Using the Scheduled Payment feature, you can set up multiple payments for a guest's invoice or a single lump sum payment. Regardless of whether you set up multiple payments or a single payment, each payment will be automatically completed on the date specified and for the dollar amount agreed upon. This is a great way to simplify billing for yourself and your guests as these types of payments can be set up when your guests make their reservations and then unless something changes and the payments need to be altered, they will be billed to your guest as arranged without you having to do anything to the invoice. Arctic will automatically run the charges. This saves time for your and your guest.

To set up a Scheduled Payment, click the green + Add button in the Transaction section of the View Invoice page as shown here:

Once you select the Scheduled Payment option, Arctic will display the following screen:

As with the regular Payment form, Arctic gives you options to choose the amount of the payment. Again these options are based on the Payment Plan associated with the invoice and the payments that may have already been applied to the invoice.

The next field is the Date field. This is where you will tell Arctic when you want to process this payment. On the date specified, Arctic will automatically process the credit card entered for the Payment Amount specified.

Also notice, the only Payment Method available is the Credit Card option.

Once you have completed the form, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Submit. Arctic will apply the Scheduled Payment to the invoice as shown here:

Notice that the Scheduled Payment has a Pending status and that the date the payment will be processed is also displayed clearly. Also notice that the Scheduled Payment does not effect the balance shown on the invoice. Until the Scheduled Payment is processed succesfully the Payment Amount will not be deducted from the invoice balance.

Scheduled Payments can be edited up to a minute prior to the date they are set to be processed. To edit a Scheduled Payment, click the Gear icon and choose Modify Payment as shown here:

This will take you to the Modify Scheduled Payment screen.

Here you can alter the amount of the Scheduled Payment and the date that you wish the payment to be processed on. Once you have made your changes click Submit to apply them to the Scheduled Payment.

To cancel a Scheduled Payment, click the Gear icon and choose Cancel Payment. Arctic will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel the Scheduled Payment. Click Continue to proceed with cancelling the Scheduled Payment. Once the Scheduled Payment has been cancelled it will be removed entirely from the invoice.

Important Notes

If an invoice is modified, changing the balance due, the Scheduled Payment must be manually updated. If at the time of the transaction, the Scheduled Payment is greater than the balance due on the invoice, it will not be processed.

If a Scheduled Payment fails for any reason (e.g., the card is declined, the balance due on the invoice is smaller than the scheduled payment), then an alert will appear in the activity log that will require your acknowledgement so it will not be missed.

Scheduled Payments are processed at 6am according to your installation timezone.


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