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17.1. Using the Check-in Feature

Arctic Reservations has a Check-in Feature that can be used to track the arrival of your guests whether they are picking up a rental for the day, going on a trip or staying in a campsite or cabin. This feature can be used on several different terminals by different employees and each will be able to instantly see when the other employees have marked a guest as checked in. Arctic also records the date and time the guest checked in so that you can reference it later if need be. This feature is pretty intuitive to use but this guide will touch on some of its nuances to make sure you can utilize it to its fullest.

To access the Check-in Feature, go to either the "Reservations" or "Rentals" menu and choose "Check-In". This will take you to the main "Check-in" page. Arctic will automatically filter the Check-in page by either Upcoming Rentals or Upcoming Reservations depending on how you loaded the page, i.e. by clicking "Check-In" from the Reservations Menu or the Rentals Menu.

Arctic will list each upcoming reservation or rental you have for the current calendar day until 4:00pm local time only if there is no start time specified for the activity. If there is a start time specified, as in the case of trips, these will show only if they start in the next several hours from when the "Check-in" page is loaded and up to 1 hour after the activity starts for guests who are late arrivals. If you do not have any reservations or rentals that start on the current day or in the next several hours plus 1 hour after the activity start, then Arctic will not return any results and will tell you there are no upcoming activities.

You can also filter the "Check-in" page to give you a generalized list of all of your "Upcoming Activities" (reservations & rentals), just upcoming reservations, or just upcoming rentals. You can also use the filters on the "Check-in" page to show all of the activities for a specific business group. To use the filters, click the "Filter" button shown here:

You can filter the "Check-in" page for these results regardless of how you accessed the page i.e. the Reservations Menu, the Rentals Menu or the "View Trip" page.

The "Check-in" page can also be accessed from the "View Trip" page as shown here:

This will give you a Check-in page that will only list the guests going on the specific trip from which the "Check-in" page was accessed.

When the "Check-in" page displays the upcoming acitivities, you will see the following information displayed: the Activity Number, the Primary Customer's Name, Details and Outstanding.

The "Outstanding" column, as shown below, will list if the invoice is unpaid, registration is incomplete or online waivers are outstanding.

The information shown on the "Check-in" page and how the information is grouped can be customized by going to the "Settings" page under "Check-in Tool" and clicking the "Pencil" icon next to "Settings".

Once you mark a guest as being checked in, Arctic will show a date and time stamp for when the guest was checked in as shown here:

The date and time stamp for when the guest was checked in is also recorded on the "View Reservation" page.

This is handy for when you need to look up when a guest checked in after the activity is over.

If you accidentally check-in the wrong guest, you can easily undo it by clicking the red "Undo Check In" button shown here:

This will restore the guests to an un-checked in status.

Alternatively, you can also check in guests from either their "View Activity" page by clicking the "Check-in" button in the menu at the right of the page.

Note: The "Check-In" button will only appear on the "View Activity" page that for reservations or rentals that start in the next several hours.

You can also undo an accidental check-in from the "View Activity" page by clicking the "Undo Check-in" button in the menu at the right of the page.

In addition to individual check-in information, Arctic will also record the total number of guests checked in for a trip on the "View Trip" page in the "Summary" box. 

This information can also be pulled into your trip rosters as well. 

You can choose between getting the number of checked in reservations or the number of checked in guests. These placeholders are found on the "Report Editor" under the "Trip" tab.

For more information on using the report editor, see section 20.4 of the Reports Chapter of the support documentation. 

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