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7.1. Creating Evaluation Forms

Using the "Evaluation Form Editor", you can create trip/rental specific or business group specific Evaluation Forms that will help you collect valuable feedback from your guests. These forms work similarly to the Registration Forms in that you can create custom fields for each evaluation. You can create multiple evaluation forms, and add fields to the evaluation to collect the right information. Once you have created the evaluation forms, you will be able to assign them to the specific trip types and rental items that they apply to. You will also be able to pull data summaries to give you an quick look at the responses your guests have provided.

First let's deal with the basics of how to create an Evalution Form. To start go to the "Settings" page under "Evaluations" and click the "Pencil" icon next to "Manage Evaluations" as shown here:

On the "Browse Evaluations" page, click the "+ Create Evaluation" button as shown here:

This will take you to first phase of the "Create Evaluation Form" process as shown here:

On this page is where you will assign the evaluation form to a business group, give it a name, and provide a header for instructions and/or explaination of the purpose for the form, a footer as a closing thank you or for any additional information you wish to give your guests and a thank you where you can offer a parting thank you message to your guests once the form is complete. 

Once you have completed these fields to your satisfaction, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit" to proceed to the next phase of creating and adding the fields you want on your evaluation forms. 

On the Update Evaluation Questions, you will be able to create several types of fields and questions. To create a new field, click the green "+ Add Field" button and choose the type of field you wish to create as shown here:

Notice you can choose from the following fields:

Open Ended - Text: These fields are good for collecting short text answers for things like the yes or no answers

Open Ended - Text (multiline): These fields are good for allowing your guests to enter their own comments about your services and staff.

Choice - Select Box (single response): This type of field is great for giving your guests options that they can choose from in a drop down menu.

Choice - Radio Buttons (single response): This is similar to the select box only all of the choices are displayed for the guest to see and they select the radio button next to the answer they want to give.

Choice - Check Boxes (multiple responses): This field allows guest to choose more than one of the answers available. This is great for questions like what were your favorite parts of the trip.

Rating - Grid: The rating grid allows you to set up a rating scale and the ask the clients to rate various aspects of say your staff or services. (See the "How to Create "Rating" Fields" section of the Forms Editor Guide for instructions on building this type of field.)

Rating - Open Ended: The open ended rating allows your guests to enter the names of the guides or other staff they may have interacted with and rate them based on the aspects of service you enter. (See the "How to Create Rating" Fields" section of the evaluation guide for instructions on building this type of field.)

Instructions (non-editable): These fields allow you to add additional instructions between fields, as you think are necessary. These fields can also be used to add messages to your guests. These fields are never editable by guests.

Most of these fields are fairly simple and don't need any additional explaination on how to create them to use on your Evaluation Forms as you will have encountered them before while working with the Forms Editor. However, setting up a "Rating - Grid" and a "Rating - Open Ended" field is a bit more complex. In the next section we will look at creating both of these "Rating" fields.


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